Bosch 20AH Lithium Ion 18v Battery Compatible For All Tools

Зарядное устройство Bosch GAL 18V-20

Charger Bosch GAL 18V-20
Charger Bosch GAL 18V-20
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Charger Bosch GAL 18V-20 for charging lithium-ion batteries with voltage from 12 to 18 V. Charging current 2 A. Powered by 220-240 V power supply, 50-60 Hz.

Accumulator PBA 18 2,5Ah WB 1600A005B0

Lithium-ion battery The Bosch PBA 18 2,5Ah WB 1600A005B0 battery is compatible with BOSCH power tools. Its capacity is 2.5Ah, and the voltage is 18V. With innovative lithium-ion technology and battery cell protection, you can count on a long battery life. Modern technologies provide him with protection from deep discharge and make him forget about the memory effect and self-discharge. In addition, this model is suitable for all tools in the same line and thus saves money. Please note that for correct commissioning after purchase, it is necessary to perform several full charge-discharge cycles. Its voltage is 18 V 5. The absence of a wire creates comfort during use. STAR protection communication technology,


  • Accumulator Bosch PBA 18 2,5 Ah

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  • Model: 1607A3500U
  • Brand: Bosch 
  • Category: Tool and measuring equipment / Battery chargers for power tools / 1607A3500U
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Battery Black + Decker Li-Ion 10.8V 1.5Ah
battery is used in conjunction with the corresponding BLACK + DECKER instruments, the voltage of which corresponds to a voltage of 10.8 V. The lithium-ion battery has no memory effect and has almost no such disadvantage as self-discharge. It has a long service life without losing its qualities, is lightweight and will allow you to work comfortably in a situation where a wired instrument cannot be used. The connection range of the speaker with your smartphone is up to 10 meters. I want a more powerful sound. Makita is an innovative leader in cordless tool technology.


  • Warranty card
  • Battery – 1 pc.

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  • Model: BL1512-XJ
  • Brand: Black + Decker
  • Category: Tools and measuring equipment / Battery chargers for power tools
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